Ramadan with the Qur’an – Day 20: Surat At-Tin

In this video Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan focuses on verses 4-6 of Surat At-Tin. These verses follow the opening oaths where Allah reminds us of Prophets `Isa (Jesus), Moses and Muhammad (peace be upon them) and by association of the messages they carried. In this transition to the heart of the surah, Allah makes a strong statement about how He created man in the most upright fashion, balancing him both physically and spiritually.

Those amazing messengers whose memory was evoked in the opening verses, are proof that human beings can be sublime; but then the tragedy is that they have allowed themselves to be reduced to the lowest of the low by rejecting Allah’s message.

Yet again Allah offers hope to those who pull themselves out of the depths of darkness and, guided by Him, correct the wrongs of the past and do everything necessary to fulfill the conditions of their iman.


Source: Bayyinah Institute YouTube Channel


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