New startup creates Muslim technology platform

While there is an estimated 8 million Muslims in the United States, a 2010 study Ogilvy Noor, a marketing firm, demonstrated that this demographic is often neglected by American businesses. Yet they find that the American Muslim consumer market is worth approximately $170 billion!

Balancing Our Inner and Outer Worlds

Our mountains, oceans, deserts, and forests have traded places on Earth through the shifting sands of time; so has the life that it supports. Some species have come and gone and others have adapted to change. These natural changes have occurred everywhere on Earth: in its air, on its land, and under its seas. Here also, there is nothing fixed or static.

Should We Live and Die with Dignity; Why?

Muslims and their countries are to be turned into the dumping grounds for such people’s cultural, intellectual, military and industrial leftovers, and in the worst-case scenario, outright waste. Muslims are to dominate the news for all the wrong reasons. The dark side of history is to be inscribed predominantly by Muslims and their societies.