Faith in God Free of Idolatry

Muslims, however, firmly believe that everything is created by God, that all affairs are regulated by Him, that causes do not have any power to produce a result independently, that every event is predetermined and created by God, that God is the possessor of the ultimate will and judgment. This is the kind of belief system that God reveals to us in the Qur’an.

Mary and Jesus in Islam

Jesus Eesa (Esau, Yeheshua Jesus-Christ) was a Prophet and Messenger as well. He received One Book called the Injeel / Gospel. He was similar to the Messengers and was a Chosen Man who performed Miracles, who brought the message and preached about the Unity of God. He was the only Prophet raised alive and is mentioned in 29 times (more than Prophet Muhammad who was only mentioned 4 times).

Arabic Calligraphy: The Essential Islamic Art (P. 1/2)

Arabic calligraphy is the central original Islamic art, which our ancestors mastered. They perfected its scripts, designs, and decorations, turning it into a great and eternal art. Throughout history, Arabic calligraphy has