Qur’anic Definition of Mercy

Mercy as described in the Qur’an emerges as being quite distinct from other kinds of mercy. But the majority of those who are distant from religion possess a rather flawed understanding of the subject. Faced with untoward happenings, they are seized by an ill-defined feeling of mercy and act accordingly. This indeed shows a crude understanding of how they should respond, because they act without knowing who is right or wrong, without making a just and rational assessment and, more importantly, without considering the commands of the Qur’an.

A Year Has Ended!

In all languages of the world, with all their similarities and discrepancies, it is a “disturbing” fact that the year has passed so soon. For me, no rhetoric whatever or any degree of euphemism in any language is capable of reducing the “negative” connotations of that statement. Yes, this is a sad fact because it simply means that the life of every human being has lost another precious year towards the inevitable end of all creatures, death.

Sin and Repentance in Islam

However, like all others, this trick of Satan’s is a feeble one. The fact that someone committed a sin does not mean that he has been cursed by God, and that he will never be able to follow the straight path again. Not just one simple sin, but even if he were to commit the greatest sins, over and over again, he will always have the opportunity to repent and turn towards God.

Hurricane Sandy from an Islamic Perspective

For some people, such hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc. are merely forces of nature that have nothing to do with faith. They come and go, just like any other natural phenomenon. No spiritual impact or lessons can be drawn from these occurrences.